My Philosophy

Your website belongs to you.

My goal as a professional is to enlighten and empower my clients. So when you work with me, you keep control of your website and can choose its future. Content updates shouldn’t require a developer. I provide explanations and tutoring so my clients know how to care for their websites and data.

Clear, honest communication is key.

I take pride in my customer service. I answer emails promptly and thoroughly. I do my best to explain technological concepts in an understandable way. When there’s a problem to be solved, I am up front about it. My clients find me reliable and straightforward.

Choices are easier to make if you have good advice.

I am an educator first and a developer second. As such, I want to give you as much information as you need to make good decisions about your tech. There’s a famous quote in project management: “Good, Fast, and Cheap: pick two.” You can’t focus on all three of these goals at once. However, making good technology choices can soften the blow of giving up one of these. I use my expertise to advise my clients on the options for their specific circumstances.

Liminal Dash Facts

Pronouns: They and/or he

Favorite Color: Green and/or blue

Favorite Animal: Two-toed sloth and/or hummingbird

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate and/or Cherry Garcia

Pets: Bombadil (cat) and/or Temmin (cat)

Favorite Video Game: Chocobo’s Dungeon 2 and/or The Longest Journey

Secret Weakness: Phone games and/or bakeries

Favorite Thing About Seattle: The weather and/or the people

  • May or may not be a hipster
  • May or may not be a millennial
  • May or may not be a Mythcreant